About Us

Neguin Investment Company (NIC HOLDING) is a  company  with a variety goal of operation and investment in Asia Pacific and Middle East since 1989. The Holding’s headquarter is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia while its branch offices are in Australia, China and Middle East. The holding’s focus is on Cross-Border Activities between Far East and Middle East in different fields of Investment.

Four Main Fields of Activities are as below:

1) Construction Industry: development, construction, interior fit out and implementation of joint projects, building managements, BMS, inter related trade of goods and services especially in stone and ceramic.
2) Investment & Financing: investing in short and long term projects in different fields of commercial, industry, construction and moreover absorption of investors in the framework of Malaysian law and banking.
3) New Technology: new industries, ICT, smart cards, DVBT and design and planning of industries with IT infrastructure.
4) Cultural Affairs: film distribution and TV Program, broadcasting management, multimedia, culture and arts festivals and event management.

Neguin Investment Company (NIC HOLDING) consists of two Groups:

Neguin Group of Companies:
1) ME TV
2) Mega Mall
3) Neguin Trading Sdn.Bhd.
4) PDM Asia Pacific Sdn.Bhd.
5) Neguin Company Sdn.Bhd.
6) Neguin Technology Sdn.Bhd.
7) Neguin Agin Asia (Neguin BMS)
8) Neguin Ara Asia (Ekbatan Developer)
9) Stone Concept (China)
10) PDM Stone Pty. Ltd. (Australia)