Film Distribution

TV Programs & Film Distribution
Since its inception, Neguin Company Sdn. Bhd. has steadily made its presence felt in TV and film market both local and within the Asia-Pacific region. It continues to expand despite the volatile nature of the industry.

As a pioneer in its own right, Neguin Co. offers broadcasters, cinema operators, home video distributors a wide Middle-Eastern selection of films, children’s programs & animation, TV programs, documentaries and music.

Based upon the evaluation of our client’s needs, our dedicated distribution and acquisition managers will recommend both new and old programs from our well stocked in-house library consisting of more than 800 hours of programming and up-to-date programs from time to time in our library list. Majority of our programs are in Arabic, Persian and Turkish languages with English subtitles. Neguin Company also takes in request of programs that are not listed in our library.

Listening to our client and understanding the profile of their market is an essential part of the evaluation process. Our professional team sincerely cares about helping our clients fulfill their audiences’ needs by looking at the “big picture”. Only by doing so, Neguin Company continues to promote Middle-Eastern content to new territory.